Prostate Cancer BC


If you can’t run from it….run for it!

The Father’s Day Run is a powerful way to raise awareness and funds in the fight against prostate cancer -from helping people facing the disease in your community to ensuring this cancer is a thing of the past for future generations. The Father’s Day Run (and in past the Do It For Dad Walk/Run)  is an annual event held in several communities across B.C.  The Run offers an opportunity to honour the prostate cancer survivors in your life, promote awareness of the number one cancer for men, and raise money to help find a cure. There are many ways to get involved including donations, volunteering, participating and more.

Where the money goes?

Logo1The money raised from the Metro Vancouver, Chilliwack, Kamloops and Kelowna Walk/Runs goes to Prostate Cancer Foundation BC. The funds are used towards research, support groups, survivor programs and awareness of prostate cancer. The Foundation has over 20 support groups all over BC. We have been leading the way in funding young researchers, educating the public and providing resources for men and their families. Prostate Cancer Foundation BC is a volunteer-based organization that represents BC’s prostate cancer patients, their families and their communities. The Foundation was established in 1998 by a group of prostate cancer survivors who saw the need to raise monies in order to fund and support research into the causes, detection, prevention and the treatment of prostate cancer. The mission of PCFBC is “To provide leadership and resources for prostate cancer support, awareness and research in BC.” The Foundation is a registered charity led by a volunteer Board of Directors, and an Executive Director, and is supported by its many volunteers. For more information visit




The money raised from the Victoria walk/run goes to The Island Prostate Centre. The Prostate Centre provides advice, education and support for men and families on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands who are dealing with prostate cancer or other prostate health issues, as well as sponsoring local research projects related to prostate cancer treatment and care. Through activities and programs we improve public awareness about prostate health and prostate cancer. Through collaborations with other organizations, support groups, and medical professionals, we strive to enhance the quality of support for local men, and initiate and fund research programs that seek a cure for prostate cancer.


What is Prostate Cancer?

Men with prostate cancer have small tumours in the prostate. In the early stages, when the cancer cells are only in the prostate, 90% of the cases can be successfully treated. Unfortunately, during the early stages symptoms are very difficult to recognize. Without regular testing (PSA and DRE) it is very difficult to detect early stage prostate cancer. Prostate cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body and produce secondary tumours (metastases) if untreated. At this point the chances of successful treatment are much lower. Prostate Cancer, most commonly, spreads to the bones and lymph nodes. Prostate Cancer BC suggests that men over 40 have a conversation with their doctor about the PSA test and DRE examination.


Prostate cancer- the most common cancer in Canadian men – will afflict 1 in 7 during their lifetime. It is more common where there is a family history and it is being diagnosed more frequently in younger men. Research suggests that diet, environmental factors and genetics can impact prostate cancer occurrence. It is estimated 25,500 Canadian men will be diagnosed this year, often without symptoms in its earliest, most treatable stage. In BC 3,400 will be diagnosed and 530 will die in an average year.